Bionative is a research-intensive company with the goal of generating creative solutions and sharing our experience with clients. 

For this to happen, we carry out an integrated R&D project and business strategy whose objective is minimising the technology risk and place on the market a product following criteria of superior performance, safety and value.
For this reason, we must join forces with centres, universities and companies from abroad. 

We offer our leadership and wide experience in developing high impact projects for customers positioned in the agribusiness sector.


We are a human team with high skills in advanced Organic Synthesis and characterization of organic molecules using the most modern techniques. 

In our facilities we have a research laboratory. So, we offer to our clients a synthesis on demand of organic molecules, specifically the preparation of amino acids and peptides with a great structural diversity, with potential agrochemical, biological, and medicinal activity and/or molecules with high added value in other fields such as nanotechnology, organocatalysis, biotechnology, pharmacology and so on.

Also, we have at our disposal the necessary equipments to perform from half-scale to mini-pilot plant scale synthesis processes offering a comprehensive service to our clients. 


Bionative sells Raw Materials for agricultural use

Growth regulators: Auxins, Brassinosteroids, Cytokinins, Ethylene releasers.
Besides their regulatory functions during development, they play key roles and coordinate various signal transduction pathways during responses to environmental stresses.

Amino acids derivatives from cysteine and methionine.
The many effects include osmoregulation, enzyme activity by co-factors, interaction with symbionts, plant hormone synthesis and signalling.